Never mind strangers touching your junk or seeing you in your birthday suit. A large part of the growing backlash against full-body scanners at airport security checkpoints is concern over the possible health risks from the radiation the machines emit. While the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) claims the levels of radiation are miniscule - about a thousandth of what you'd get from a routine chest X-ray, said the TSA - airline pilots as well as frequent fliers are especially wary about being consistently pelted with potentially cancer-causing rays.

"Radiation is cumulative, and most people don't understand the gravity of the word 'cumulative' - it means that every time you have a scan it stays with you," Kate Hanni, founder of passengers' advocacy group Flyersrights.org, told the Daily News.

We don't know who to believe but, we DO agree that more of a unanimous decision needs to be made before they start "experimenting" on us...NOT cool. and So NOT Stadium Status.

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